Jan 2017
What you are missing out on, as a Real Estate Agent not using Instagram

According to Instagram’s press page,

in Dec 2016, there are over 600 million users worldwide, with 100 million joining since June 2016. Over 300 million of these users are using Instagram daily.

So why have you not incorporated this Social Media Giant into your digital marketing yet? Especially since Instagram makes it super easy to create a post, then have the ability  to share it to Facebook and Twitter, saving you time to get out there and find more leads! These posts can be as simple as a single photo, a newly added tool to make a photo slideshow, a collage, or now even a video! These can also all be created with simply your handheld device, or more ellaborately on your pc/laptop, then share to your device to post at a later time! Music can even be added to slideshows and video for added interest, or now with their Instagram live feed, you can even take video and share with your followers at the time you close the sale, list the property, or during an open house!

Other content that would be great for your Instagram account would be events in the local area, festivals, farmers markets etc, things that would entice a potential buyer to check out your area…. Post your new listings, post about your company and any volunteer work you may be involved with. Share all things “your city,” what makes you proud to live there? What keeps you around? SHARE IT! Your followers want to see it!

Now, about hashtags. Instagram is known for them. USE THEM, however, use them effectively in your marketing strategy and not annoyingly! My personal account is full of silly and humorous hashtags that just do not even make sense sometimes, however, my business page is not the place to overload on silly hashtags. Are the important? YES. Do they create followers and likes on your pages? YES. Therefore, be smart with using them, and do not use so many that it overshadows your gorgeous post and sends people swiping, rather than checking out your new $2million dollar waterfront listing. Be smart.

Have manners on Instagram! I you get a like, check out their page and like back! Same with a follow or a comment.. its a SOCIAL network.. therefore be SOCIAL! Think of it as your local after hours networking event.. if someone were to walk up to you and compliment you, would you ignore them and not say thank you? If they came up and said hi, would you just keep on talking and not acknowledge? You wouldn’t if you were smart! Treat Instagram the same, its the easiest form of networking you can do!!!

As you can see, Instagram offers many media solutions to incorporate into your digital marketing, and with the vast array of possible followers, you may just be surprised at who you end up selling or listing a home to!