Dec 2016
How to Prep Your Home for Photography or Showings

Make your first impression count! Read below to find out how to prepare your home to look its best for photos, tours, video or showings!


  1. Ensure no cars will be in the driveway, or immediately in front of home on the street
  2. If its trash day, please ensure the garbage cans are either temporarily moved, or picked up once empty
  3. Pick up debris in yards, or landscape areas, sweep porches/patios or other areas that may need it
  4. If there is a pool, ensure it is cleaned, remove any visible chemicals or cleaning supplies, put away pool vacuum and hoses
  5. Turn on any pool fountains or water features
  6. Remove any visible hoses, cobwebs, cut grass and clean up/trim bushes
  7. Uncover all patio furniture, including the grill


  1. Plan on sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, etc throughout property
  2. Dust and polish throughout the home
  3. Remove all trash cans, hide in cabinets, pantries or closets
  4. Place all shoes/jackets etc in closets
  5. Put remote controls into drawers, wherever they are found (bedrooms, living rooms kitchens, offices etc.)
  6. Replace any lightbulbs that have burned out
  7. Put away stray books, magazines or newspapers. Put away framed photos if possible
  8. Fold blankets and fluff pillows in all rooms
  9. All lights should be on prior to photographer arrival, fans off.
  10. Open and adjust window blinds prior to arrival
  11. Remove unneeded furniture if possible to minimize clutter and show space of room


  1. Remove all unnecessary items from kitchen counters, less is more
  2. Remove all decoration from refrigerator, (magnets, reminders, invitations, pictures, etc.)
  3. Remove everything from sink, (no dishes, sponges, soaps etc.)
  4. Place one centerpiece on dining room table, straighten chairs, and hide any booster seats or high chairs


  1. Clear bedside tables (no charging chords, water bottles, frames, remotes etc.)
  2. Put away robes, towels and clothes from bathrooms, except color coordinating hand towels
  3. Clear bathroom counter from clutter, (no brushes, soaps, towels, razors etc)
  4. Remove bath products from shower (shampoos, washcloths, loofas sponges etc)
  5. Close toilet seats and lids, wipe down counters, glass
  6. Make all beds
  7. Remove clutter from dresser tops (jewelry, perfumes, clothes, etc)

Normally, we will not shoot closets, laundry rooms or garages, unless requested. These are great spots to hide clutter if necessary. In photos and tours, the point is to maximize the space and highlight the amenities. Thus, hiding clutter and unneeded items helps sell the space and allow the viewer to visualize themselves, and their possessions, in the space without distractions.

Click the link below to print out this checklist to use during preparation.

Preparation Checklist