Nov 2016
Why Single Page Listings are Necessary

Buyers and sellers notice how you market yourself. Stand out amongst the competition, and differentiate yourself from other sellers with a clean, professional and attractive page, containing content that best showcases your property, and yourself.

According to the National Association of Realtors:
Four in 10 buyers looked for properties online as the first step in the home buying process.

Why not create a single property page listing, highlighting only the information needed for your property!? It can include a map, local school and city information, community features, nearby attractions and much more! Unlimited media options are available to add to the page, including video, HD photos, 3D virtual tours, your agent information, additional listings you have and more! Its like having a 365, 24/7 open house for your property and all you have to do is direct people to it, instead of driving around for hours looking at homes that the buyer may possibly hate with one glance. Why not get those spaces out of the mix before the driving starts?

These pages are social media friendly, with easy to share buttons incorporated, for easy sharing within emails, texts and all social media platforms. Sharing on social media is one of the easiest tactics for utilizing the single property page properly and you can even consider running ads on these sites (Facebook ads, etc), linking to the property page. Incorporating the real estate websites into the mix isn’t a bad idea either, i.e. Trulia, Zillow, and realtor.com.  Post video on corresponding networks if it hasn’t already been done for you, with a link back to your property page, to increase traffic and visibility.

With today’s obsession with online everything, people are more prone to start their searches on the internet. They will more than likely have a list of properties in mind, prior to sometimes even having an agent, so this is why you need to ensure your marketing presentation WOWs the viewer, and in turn, wants you to represent them on either the buying or selling side.